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Brenda "Bren" Taylor

Vice President
Over the last three years, Bren Taylor has quickly risen among the ranks at Top Talent. Excelling at her initial role as an Executive Recruiter, Bren was then promoted to Director of Talent Acquisition. With continual success as Director of Talent Acquisition, she attained her most recent promotion to Vice President and right hand to the President. Today, Bren handles a lot of the day-to-day interactions with our client companies.

For two decades prior to becoming an executive recruiter, Bren Taylor owned a bustling realty company with offices in Arizona and Indiana. Bren was an expert in matching perfect homebuyers with perfect homes. Now, she matches the perfect candidates with the perfect positions. Ultimately, Bren’s favorite part is knowing she is helping improve lives. “I am proud of the placements we make in which candidates gain something positive in their career – whether financial, work-life balance or location,” Bren says.

Ask this mother of four and grandmother of six if she has a life philosophy, and she is quick to mention what should come first: “kindness and understanding,” Bren says. “My empathy for others has been very helpful in finding the perfect solution for a candidate.” How does Bren excel at determining what her candidates and clients are seeking? “By listening, listening, listening,” she says. “Even when I think I know what the answer will be, it’s important to let someone talk. When they are done talking, I ask them to talk some more!”

In addition to running and golfing, Bren enjoys spending time with family and friends and doing charitable work. In 2013, she was asked for a donation to help build a clinic in Haiti for children suffering from AIDS. Bren credits “divine intervention” with allowing her to provide the entire amount needed to build the clinic, which now bears her name. “It changed my life,” she says.

Bren's Favorite Quote:
“Do me a favor and take care of each other, alright? It don’t matter the color. We are all family”.