From Michael Monson, CEO of Top Talent

As a leader of Top Talent, I want to make sure that we are your best weapon in the war for talent. I’ve been involved in the logistics field for over 35 years, specializing in talent acquisition for the industry for the last ten. I worked in brokerage companies and 3PLs (and know the difference between them), founded and sold two firms, and was a pioneer in mode optimization and least cost carrier analysis. My non-asset 3PL was one of the first to develop and use a TMS. When I transitioned to recruiting, I started the logistics division for another company and within two years, it became the most successful division of the organization. Being a consummate entrepreneur, I began Top Talent in 2009, and now enjoy the immense satisfaction of sourcing and serving Top Talent.

Top Talent’s phenomenal growth and success stems from our years in the field of logistics, supply chain and its accompanying technology. We know the kind of questions that CEOs and company Presidents would be asking, and when we do our due diligence finding candidates, those are precisely the metrics we use. We are specialists at uncovering passive talent—candidates who are already employed and positive contributors to their firms—and discerning why they might want to switch to a new company. Your competitor’s important asset can become your Top Talent. If you’re a candidate, Top Talent can guarantee you complete confidentiality while we work on your behalf to find the company that suits you. We take the time to help you discern what really matters to you in your work life, and then with that knowledge, we connect you with the organization that can meet those particular desires. Top Talent uses a strategic approach rather than a transactional one.

When you work with us as either a candidate or a company, we are committed to finding the perfect match. We’re looking to make a marriage, not introduce you to the dating scene. There’s nothing like connecting someone looking for a life-changing experience with a company wanting a game-changer and ready to welcome Top Talent. The appreciation from both ends really keeps me going.


Michael Monson, Founder and CEO