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Brenda “Bren” Taylor

Chief Operating Officer

Bren Taylor is the Chief Operating Officer at Top Talent. Bren’s career has included leading teams, running successful businesses, and making key connections. Before joining Top Talent, Bren owned a bustling real estate company with offices in Arizona and Indiana for more than 20 years. She was an expert in making that connection between a buyer and their next home. She used the insights gained in real estate to transition to making the best matches between companies and candidates.

Bren transitioned her real estate success to talent acquisition by using one very important skill…listening. She listens to clients and candidates, with an empathetic ear, to determine what is important to them. She knows that she is making a difference for our clients and candidates when she makes a best-fit match or when she leads her team to do the same. Ultimately, improving the lives of our candidates and our clients is her favorite part of talent acquisition.