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Meet Kelsey Penrod

Regional Director – West

How Did Kelsey Penrod Get to Top Talent?

Kelsey spent several years as a senior paralegal for a law firm in Indianapolis before she crossed paths with Top Talent. As destiny would have it, Top Talent would share an office with her employer. This is where Kelsey would encounter  Top Talent CEO Michael Monson on a regular basis. By 2018, she was looking to get out of law and with a proven record of organization and administration, joined Top Talent as Michael’s Executive Assistant.

Kelsey Penrod: Regional Director

Over the next few years, Kelsey Penrod would gain valuable exposure to the Logistics and Recruiting business. She was a natural leader with strong customer service experience frequently interacting with clients on a weekly basis already. In 2023, a position opened up where Top Talent needed a Regional Director to build and maintain relationships with clients as well as lead and manage a team of Recruiters. Kelsey was a perfect fit!

Today, Kelsey is Top Talent‘s Regional Director for the West region where her team focuses on the western half of the United States and Canada. She is a fan-favorite with clients who enjoy her relentless dedication to finding the best within Logistics and Transportation.

Kelsey’s Personal Life

Kelsey grew up in and currently lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. She enjoys spending time with her family at home or at their many sports games. In her spare time, she enjoys bowling, reading, and going to Colts games.

Work with her Recruiters below:

Valerie Carlson

Zach Torrance

Gracie Meyer

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