When a prospective employer conducts an interview they want to learn about your accomplishments, skills, and leadership ability, but that’s not all! They are also interested in how you think, make decisions, and solve problems.

Today we cover how to answer the ten most difficult interview questions. Find a way to knock these questions out of the park and you will be well on your way to a second interview and hopefully being hired!

Question 1: “Tell Me About Yourself”
It’s one of the most common questions asked in an interview but many people fail to answer it correctly. This question is your prompt to give a 30-60 second ‘elevator pitch’ about your work and career accomplishments. Avoid non-work-related talk in this section like how you have three cats, play the flute, and enjoy ping-pong on the weekends.

Question 2: “Why Are You Looking?”
If you are a passive candidate, (meaning you aren’t actively looking), then you can answer this question differently. The safest answer however is to say that the opportunity sounded interesting and you would be regretful if you didn’t investigate it further. This allows you to avoid saying anything negative about your current employer and put the focus back on the prospective employer.

Question 3: “Where Can You Improve?”
We all have areas in which we could use improvement and this question tests your self-insight. Be honest here, but don’t feel you need to expose all of your imperfections. If you’ve had a performance review in the last year, refer to the “action items” section to provide solid answers to this question.  This way, if your interviewer talks to your previous employer then they will have congruent information.

Question 4: “What do you expect out of this position?”
If you do your research before the interview, you can give a good answer here. Know what your prospective employer’s needs are and how you can help them while at the same time furthering your career goals. Make it seem like a mutual fit!

Question 5: “What Would Your Former Boss Say About You?”
If the relationship with your boss was a good one, you can be rest assured the comments will be positive. If the relationship was less than stellar, this is your time to explain your side of the story. Not every workplace relationship is perfect, however, boss bashing is never appropriate. Keep things positive!

Question 6: “Tell Me About the People You’ve Hired”
This is a common question that you’ll be asked if you are applying for a position in management. This is the interviewer trying to understand your hiring capabilities as well as management style. Be able to talk about the candidates that worked out and those that didn’t and why.

Question 7: “How Do You Spend Your Day?”
This question is meant to figure out how well you spend your time and your ability to plan. Explain how you stay organized and use concrete examples to showcase your ability to meet deadlines and get things done.

Question 8: “Why Should We Hire You Over Someone Else?”
Know why you are a catch. If you don’t have a reason why you should be hired, then the employer probably won’t see a reason either.

Question 9: “What Do You Think are Some Misconceptions About You?”
The interviewer wants to see not only how you view yourself but also how you believe others view you. A great answer to this might be: “I don’t believe there are any misconceptions about me. I’m very direct, respectful, and honest. I am open about my accomplishments and weaknesses. I always welcome feedback because it gives me an opportunity to grow.”

Question 10: “What Do You Think of Your Former Boss?”
This question offers you an opportunity to discuss your boss’s best attributes. Even if your boss was the worst, now is not the time to bring it up. The interviewer wants to see how you deal with and respect authority. If you are negative about your previous/current boss then the interviewer will quickly wonder what you might say about them should they hire you.

Research and practice are two of your best friends going into any interview. Knowing your answers to these ten questions will make you more than prepared to nail your next interview. Now go get ’em and land the job of your dreams!

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