Top Talent devotes all of its time to what we know — Logistics and everything that implies. So if you’re a manufacturer or OEM seeking to gain a strategic advantage over your competition by establishing or improving your supply chain division, Top Talent can help. If you’re a non-asset 3PL looking to increase your share of this fragmented market, Top Talent can find you the impact player you need. If you’re a high-level logistics executive, Top Talent can help you attain your dream position.

Our founder and CEO, Michael Monson, has worked in the Logistics industry for over 35 years, in brokerage and 3PLs. For the last 13 years, he’s specialized in acquiring Top Talent for the logistics industry. Every member of the Top Talent team spends time networking in the field. Because we have been doing this so long, we know the high-level executives in every section of this market, and we draw on those deep connections to match ideal candidates with specific positions.

Top Talent employs a laser focus approach to everything we do. Since we know the industry so well, we can assist you in finding the perfect match. Do you want an IT officer who can usher your company into the tech-savvy future? Maybe you need a game-changer in carrier management? Top Talent knows how to listen and the right questions to ask both the company and candidate to make the perfect match happen. Our ratio of candidates to hires is less than 4 to 1.

Top Talent hits the ground listening. Our incredibly successful approach is strategic rather than transactional. We are experts at uncovering passive Top Talent — the executives who are important assets in their companies — and getting you those individuals. We stay involved during and after the hiring process.  Successful transitions are crucial and Top Talent makes sure that onboarding is smooth for both parties. Throughout the first few months, we will follow up with both the company and the candidate. Our proven approach means that neither party wastes their time.

As a company seeks a transformational executive, or as a power player explores career options, Top Talent can work with you to find the connection that’s right. Let us be your strategic advisor. We are looking to make a long-term marriage, not set you up in the dating scene.

“After job searching on my own and not finding exactly what I was looking for in a position, I connected with Top Talent and am so glad I did. They took the time to learn about me and what I wanted, and as a result placed me in my ideal job! It’s the perfect fit and I couldn’t be happier!”


“I had so much interest in hiring me, all because of Top Talent’s marketing efforts. I was placed within a few weeks, and my transition from my old job to my new one was seamless. Already enjoying my new position.”


“I have worked with Top Talent for over 9 years. It has been a great experience. Mike has helped me finding great employees over those years. I would highly recommend Top Talent in your search for key qualified employees.”


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