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Steve Monson

Vice President

Having spent over 27 years on the front line of the freight brokerage arena, Steve brings a wealth of firsthand, industry knowledge to an already seasoned team as the Vice President of Top Talent. Steve has personally booked thousands of loads, grown and lead brokerages in excess of $60 million, run his own successful brokerage agency, recruited agents, and was a national award-winning Logistics Manager on the shipper side. You name a position in Logistics and Steve has been there! He sees the big picture and understands the impact that key players can have on your bottom line. His passion is helping clients get the right people not only on the bus but in the right seats. With his extensive background, Steve brings a breath of fresh air when talking shop with his clients allowing him to gain a comprehensive understanding of their operations, culture, and goals.

Steve currently lives in Birmingham, Alabama where he is married with three wonderful children. Having grown up in New England, he’s an avid Boston sports fan, enjoys visiting restaurants from the show “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives”, and collects menus from restaurants in his travels.

Favorite Quote: “To every disadvantage, there is a corresponding advantage.” – W. Clement Stone