We are the experts in how the logistics industry functions so you don’t need to explain the field, just delineate your desires. Any organization involved in the movement of goods by whatever mode—plane, train, truck, or boat—falls within our area of expertise. It is a very specific industry and Top Talent thoroughly understands it. The logistics industry is on track to be worth $15.5 trillion worldwide by 2023, and the top four companies control less than 15% of the market. The immense growth potential means that every logistics company, no matter where it is located or what its specialty might be, needs Top Talent to thrive. When your company wants to bring in a game-changer, we know the questions to ask to really refine your expectations. Top Talent doesn’t market mediocrity; when pivotal people choose to explore their career options, they call us. If you are a high-level executive in logistics, we want to get to know you (or probably already do).


At Top Talent, we are laser focused on logistics. We have been bringing together Top Talent logistics candidates with companies for years. We have real-life experience in the issues and expectations involved. This expertise allows us to understand fully the specific requirements you have. Sometimes we are even able to elicit those details when you’re not sure yourself. We’re not your average logistics recruiters, we only place Top Talent with Top Companies.



At Top Talent, we hit the ground listening. We really listen to the company’s description of what the position entails and what the ideal candidate would accomplish. And we really listen to the candidate’s description of what their ideal work life would look like and how their expectations might be met. And we remain involved through the on-boarding process. We want to be your go-to anytime you’re considering a career change in logistics.

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Because Top Talent has been involved in the logistics industry for so many years, we know people in every aspect of the field all over the country. If we need to, we can also tap other like-minded recruitment firms; we have a network of over 70 to call on. We work until we identify and acquire the perfect candidate for a position or the ideal company for a candidate.

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Whatever kind of logistics company you have—whether it is non-asset-based 3PL or an asset-based 3PL, whether you’re an IMC, or a NVOCC—if you’re involved in moving freight in any capacity, Top Talent can help you attract the high caliber candidates to increase your share of the huge logistics market. Whether you’re a candidate contemplating your mobility in your current organization or a candidate actively seeking change, Top Talent can assist you in attaining your personal work life goals.

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