Top Talent takes an innovative and highly successful approach to talent acquisition. We hit the ground listening. We really listen to the C-level office holders of a company about what they envision for their company and we really listen to candidates to help them discern what they value in their work life. And because we have extensive experience in the logistics field, we can ask the important questions and have the necessary connections to match the perfect candidate with the appropriate company.

The Top Talent Approach is strategic, not transactional. We want to make a marriage, not introduce you to the dating scene. We have the expertise and experience to say conclusively that Our Approach Works!


Is it a new position? Has someone been fired from it? Or promoted out of it? We learn about all the soft skills sought, as well as the hard skills needed. We want to know what your “must haves” are and we explore your “would love to haves” with you too. We encourage you to think through the contributions expected from this key employee.
We want to be able to entice game-changers to your company, and in order to do that, we need to know everything that makes your organization an extra special place. Your company’s the steak; we help you offer the sizzle.
We don’t rely on running ads or soliciting resumés. We know the industry so well that we rarely need to spend time like that. We identify a small pool of targeted Top Talent candidates, and then..
We garner interest from candidates by helping them discern what they value most in their work life, and encouraging them to explore other opportunities that may be open to them. We understand their value, and pride ourselves on matching the Top Talent with the ideal company.
It’s crucial for a candidate to leave current employment professionally, and it is essential for the beginning of the new relationship to proceed smoothly. Top Talent works with you to ensure a smooth on-boarding process.
We know that we are no longer working on behalf of the company or behalf of the candidate, but we feel obligated to make sure that minor missteps don’t result in major mishaps. So we check in periodically throughout the first several months and encourage communication if necessary.

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