Rolex: the pinnacle of watches in today’s society. If you know someone who has one, chances are they didn’t get it by accident.

Outside of the people who are born into a wealthy family and can already afford a Rolex early on in life, most of us have to go to work to even dream of owning one someday.

A couple of years ago, I was in a place where I wanted to see if I could push myself. I told myself if I contributed to “X” amount in fees for Top Talent, I would buy myself a Rolex. So I began my journey. Over the next few months, I had a clear plan of attack as to how I was going to get that watch. I even worked extra hours and sometimes weekends when necessary. By the end of the period I have given myself, I had accomplished my goal!  I was beyond proud of the work I had put into my company and rewarded myself with that amazing Rolex watch that I have to this day.

For those of you who think I bought the watch to flex my wealth or success on others, you would be mistaken. This Rolex serves as a reminder to me that I am professionally valuable and if I put in the work, I can set a stretch goal and achieve greatness. It was a reminder of my potential if I only had the courage to push myself.

It also made me realize that maybe EVERYONE needs to strive after their own version of a”Rolex.” Today I’m going to show you how you can do it too!

1. Find Your “Rolex”

First and foremost, your “Rolex” can be anything. It doesn’t have to literally be a $15,000 dollar watch or have the same monetary value as a real Rolex, but it needs to be something that, without effort from you and support from your employer, you will fail to achieve. Examples would be: A week-long vacation in Hawaii, or buying a new car.

2. Set the Deadline

With every goal that you want to achieve, a deadline is necessary. A good rule of thumb would be a year or at least cater it to when you would get a bonus/final commission paid out so that you would have enough money to afford your “Rolex.” Good timelines would be six months, nine months, or even a year, but don’t go longer than a year.

3. Devise the Plan 

Now that you’ve got your “Rolex” and a deadline to achieve it, it’s time to devise the master plan to achieve it. If you know it takes you a certain amount of calls/emails/texts/screens to get a lead, do the math to see what it takes to get your end result that results in a commission. Example: I need to source 100 candidates because 50 of them will respond, 25 will be interested, 12 will be qualified for a role, 6 will interview with our client, 3 will get to the second interview, and one will result in a placement and a commission check.  In that example, you can keep that “100” top of mind and use it to benchmark your progress toward your “Rolex.”

Additionally, sharing your “Rolex” goal with your immediate supervisor is highly recommended. This way, if you start to dip in performance, need help, or want any accountability in general from your employer, these people can be great guides to check in on you as you strive to get your stretch goal. Even if it’s not your direct supervisor, someone on your team that is above you must know about your stretch goal in order to properly give you the tools you need, (should you need any), as well as provide you with the emotional support needed along the way.

4. Get the Rolex

Now nothing is 100% guaranteed to get you your “Rolex” but the reality is: If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten, and right now you don’t have a Rolex! Pick a realistic stretch goal, set a deadline, come up with a metric-based plan, get accountability and support from your employer, and then put in the work. The odds are that you will get closer to your “Rolex” with these tips than if you didn’t make any changes in your behaviors.

If you end up achieving your “Rolex” by your deadline, let us know how you did it, and share your success with us!

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– Michael Monson
President and CEO
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